The Spatial Model

This is the actual Spatial Model of land use change producing future trends of population and urban area. This model includes spatial model set-up and JSM Explorer is used to explore the spatial datasets.

Waste Load Emissions

The Waste Load Emissions contains liquid waste load production based on unit factors for rural and urban population and summed to waste load emissions to the Manila Bay.

Urban Land Use Fraction

This analysis shows the effects of land reclamations on urbanization. Extra lands from development projects becomes available for urbanization.

This data is available here.

Spatial Model Results

The Spatial Model Results were obtained by converting island level population growth predictions to barangay level population growth predictions and land use change projections caused by urbanization. This also includes raster data for flood exposure analysis.

Solid Waste Production

The Solid Waste Production analysis is based on unit factors for rural and urban population. The spatial model population projections were also used to analyze this.

Flood Exposure

The Flood Exposure calculations were based on the extra water level of 1:100 year flood event combined with sea level rise (SLR) and land subsidence data to predict the number of people at risk from coastal flooding in a 1:100 flood event in the year of interest.

DMI Water Demand

The Domestic-Municipal-Industrial Water Demand contains projected gross water demands based on unit liter per capita per day (LCD), water demand factors for rural (level 2), and urban population (level 3) using spatial model population projections.