Action Plan and Investment Report (August 2020)

This report provides the detailed action plan of the MBSDMP that overlays the programs, activities,  and projects (PAPs) of the priority measures on the ICZM Planning Framework and integrates the enabling environment. This document also gives the indicative implementation schedules of PAPs across the 2020-2040 timeframe. The Investment Report shows the investment requirements per measure, by implementing agency, source of funds, and by identified spatial coverage.

This also includes communication strategy for the MBSDMP as well as initial discussions on its alignment to the Philippines' Recovery Plan from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Final Master Plan Report (Intermediate Version, January 2020)

This report is an intermediate version of Strategic Master Plan that updates and consolidates the Draft Master Plan, the Institutional Setup Report, and the Capacity Building Report that is presented to and consulted with the Stakeholders; this version is an enhancement based on the Technical Committee's comments and recommendation.

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A Strategic Master Plan Report (October 2019)

 A Strategic Master Plan Report provides strategic directions of on-going and newly proposed interventions, labeled as PAPs (Programs, Activities, and Projects). The PAPs are grouped into Thematic Packages (TPs) addressing specific components of the defined strategic goals for Manila Bay (MB). Annexed to this report are the following:

  • Strategy Building Report - this report discusses the indicators that were used in identifying measures and strategy for the development of the Manila Bay Master Plan. Indicators were analyzed using three (3) different scenarios: Scenario 1 is Together Rich; Scenario 2 is Middle ground; and Scenario 3 is the Stagnation. 
  • ICZM Planning Framework - this is the Overall Guiding Framework of the MBSDMP. It adopts a holistic and integrative approach in addressing the complex social and ecological issues in the Manila Bay Coastal Area. Further it seeks to engage the participation and cooperation of all stakeholders to realize the overall goal of having a "Sustainable and Resilient Manila Bay" by balancing and harmonizing the sectoral objectives (environment, economic, social, cultural and recreational). The Planning Framework will be on of the key bases of implementing both priority and supplementary measures under MBSDMP.
  • Institutional Setup Report - this report presents the Stakeholders of Manila Bay, options for the Manila Bay governing body and the recommended institutional arrangements based on the measures and preferred strategy of the Master Plan. This report consists of two (2) components: 1) the Manila Bay governing body; and 2) the institutional arrangements amongst the organizations involved in the Master Plan implementation.
  • Capacity Building Plan - this defines the different institutional capacity requirements for the implementation of the MBSDMP. This report is composed of the following: 1) Framework for Capacity Building; 2) Stakeholders of MBSDMP; 3) Capacity Requirements; 4) Competency Requirements; and 5) Transitioning from Current to Desired State.

Situation Analysis Report (December 2018)

This Situation Analysis Report (December 2018 Version) is the cover report of the whole Situation Analysis Report of the Manila Bay Sustainable Development Master Plan (MBSDMP). The whole Situation Analysis Report consist of Executive Summary and five (5) Focal Theme Reports:

  • Focal Theme Report: Ecosystem Protection - this report presents a comprehensive assessment on the state of the Manila Bay ecosystem including reviews of relevant policies related to the conservation and protection of critical habitats and biodiversity in the bay. It also includes historical trends as well as current situations and its implications on the future state of Manila Bay in the context of ecosystem protection and management.
  • Focal Theme Report: Upgrading Informal Settlements - this report presents current situation of informal settler families within the Manila Bay area including reviews of policies and institutional arrangements. As well as the projected housing needs or housing backlog based on the available data.
  • Focal Theme Report: Water Quality Improvements - this report describes the present situation of water quality in the bay and its relevance to the improvement of Manila Bay. It also discusses current policies and laws in relation to the water quality improvement of the bay.
  • Focal Theme Report: Inclusive Growth - this report describes the present situation of economic growth trend, population and poverty, underground economy or the informal sector, public investment programs, agriculture and fisheries as well as policy reviews in relation to inclusive growth.

Manila Bay Area Situation Atlas (December 2018)

This Manila Bay Area Situation Atlas (December 2018 Version) is part of the Situation Analysis Report of the Manila Bay Sustainable Development Master Plan (MBSDMP). Complementing this atlas are:

  • Situation Analysis Report - Executive Summary/Cover Report 
  • 5 Focal Theme Report (Inclusive Growth, Improving Informal Settlement, Ecosystem Protection, Improving Water Quality, and Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

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