Kick-Off Meeting | February 13, 2018

The MBSDMP Project Kick-off Meeting was held at NEDA Executive Lounge on 13 February 2018. The Kick-off Meeting was presided by Undersecretary Rolando G. Tungpalan and was attended by NEDA INFRACOM staff; representatives from the Dutch Embassy, representatives from OIDCI, TRACT, and UPLBFI; the Dutch Expert Team (DET), and the Local Consultants.

Undersecretary Tungpalan gave the opening remarks emphasizing the need for the MBSDMP to have a non-fragmented approach in addressing the issues surrounding Manila Bay. Similarly, it was highlighted that the strategic plan needs to be delivered quicker to take advantage on the momentum of investment projects.  An inclusive stakeholder process will be conducted and promote a transparent and open working relationship between DET, NEDA and LCF.

Keynote speech was given by Mr. Jaco Beerends from the Dutch Embassy stating that the Dutch Government’s support for MBSDMP fulfills the broader goal of having cooperation and knowledge exchange between the two countries.

The general project overview was presented, and foreign and local consultants introduced themselves. Scope and Limitation of the project was discussed along with its potential issues, planning horizons, and the importance of inclusiveness in the stakeholder process.

The meeting concluded with a statement of firm commitment from key members present from NEDA, Dutch Government, DET and LCF that they will work together to deliver the needed MBSDMP.


Feedback Week and Technical Committee Meeting cum DET-led Training

A feedback week which was attended by about 20 personnel of NEDA and some identified relevant NGAs were invited for a participatory modelling and the first Technical Committee Meeting which was represented by various stakeholders.

6 Nov 2018 | Presentation of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) by CMER/NCEA

The group from CMER/Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) introduced the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), and its integration to the MBSDMP.

National Fisherfolk Day | May 31, 2018

The National Fisherfolk Day was organized by the Pangisda-Pilipinas and was represented by groups of fishermen families together with the MBSDMP Study Team. It was held last May 31, 2018 at the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement.

26 Sept 2018 Technical Committee Meeting

The Technical Committee (TC) meeting held last 26 September 2018 at Hotel Rembrant in Quezon City was attended by various stakeholders of the project.

25-26, 29-30 Apr 2019 | Spatial Modelling Training

A Spatial Modelling Training was conducted by Deltares to teach representatives from government agencies in utilizing data, simulating scenarios and projections, and generating visual tools for better appreciation and decision-making.

7 Dec 2018 | Technical Committee Meeting

The Technical Committee (TC) meeting held last 7 December 2018 at Heritage Manila Hotel was attended by various stakeholders of the project.