Tourism Stakeholder-Focused Meeting: Promote Responsible and Sustainable Tourism (PRST)

In an online FGD led by Dr. Miguela Mena, Tourism and Recreation Expert of OIDCI, discussed the development of tourism potentials on the bay and coastal areas, as well as the inland areas of the different LGUs surrounding Manila Bay.

Projects discussed included Strengthen Responsible and Sustainable Local Tourism Planning, Improve Tourism Modalities in Manila Bay Area, and the Development of Manila Bay Ecological Park and Eco-Museum.

The meeting, held via Zoom on 20 October 2020 from 1:00PM to 2:20PM, was attended by MBSDMP PMO staff, Tourism Congress, World Bank, Arfel Travel and Tours, Travel Universe Services and Cafe, Inc., and Southeast Travel Corporation.

The presentation on the MBSDMP overview is available here

The presentation on the topic is available here.