Stakeholders-Focused Meeting: Restore Natural Habitats (RNH) and Boost Fish Biomass (BFB)

The fourth Stakeholders-Focused Meeting held on 8 October 2020 covered the topics on Restore Natural Habitats (RNH) and Boost Fish Biomass (BFB) .

The meeting was held online via Zoom, which began at 1:00PM and concluded at 3:50PM. A total of 74 participants attended (38 females, 36 males), from MBSDMP PMO staff, OIDCI staff, NEDA, stakeholders from NEDA, Bulacan PPDO, MWSS CO, NFRDI, TIEZA, BFAR4, DENR-NCR, QC CArD, QC PDAD, LCP, UPLBFI, PCG, MWCI, NGCP, QC LGU, MMDA, DPWH, DTI-BOI, and DOE .

Key speaker Dr. Victor Ticzon, Fisheries Expert, discussed the importance of the restoration of the waters and ecosystems of Manila Bay, and the PAPs under RNH and BFB. Topics included Improve Coastal Resource and Ecological Assessment and Monitoring, Enforce Local Habitat Protection and Management, Update Strict Protection Zone and Fisheries Use Zone in the Manila Bay ICZM Planning Framework, Restore and Improve Management of Protected Habitats, Reduce Pollution Load, Improve Solid Waste Management, Enforce Fisheries and Coastal Resource Management Plan, Establish Unified Rules and Regulations on Fisheries in Manila Bay, Rebuild Fish Stock, and Sustainable Aquaculture.

The presentation on the MBSDMP overview is available here

The presentation on the topic is available here.