MBTF Member Meeting: MBSDMP Institutional Set-Up

An online meeting co-hosted with the DENR-MBCO to discuss the indicative game plan and future institutional setup of Manila Bay.

Tourism Stakeholder-Focused Meeting: Promote Responsible and Sustainable Tourism (PRST)

MBSDMP and tourism stakeholders conducted an online meeting to discuss the Priority Measures for PRST.

Stakeholder-Focused Meeting: ICZM Planning Framework

The first in a series of online Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), covering the MBSDMP Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Planning Framework, which sets the basic guiding principles for Manila Bay development projects.

Stakeholders-Focused Meeting: Improve Solid Waste Management (ISWM)

In the last in a series of online FGDs covered the current management of solid wastes, disposal facilities and their capacities, and waste reduction PAPs.

Stakeholder-Focused Meeting: Institutional Set-Up

A stakeholder-focused online meeting that discusses the current state of Manila Bay governance, institutional requirements, transition steps, and major recommendations from the group.

Stakeholder-Focused Meeting: Reduce Pollution Load (RPL)

Online FGD attended by stakeholders and agencies covered the wastewater management and pollution load of Manila Bay.

Stakeholder-Focused Meeting: Reduce Exposure to Flooding (REF)

The fifth FGD discussed the measures to reduce exposure to coastal flooding, and which PAPs need to be implemented to reduce flooding of coastal communities.

Stakeholder-Focused Meeting: Promote Responsible and Sustainable Tourism (PRST)

In the third online meeting conducted by MBSDMP, OIDCI speaker presented the activities and action plans under PRST Priority Measures.

Stakeholders-Focused Meeting: Restore Natural Habitats (RNH) and Boost Fish Biomass (BFB)

MBSDMP, OIDCI, NEDA, and stakeholders conducted online meeting to discuss the goals and PAPs under Priority Measures RNH and BFB.

Hydrology and Oceanography Highlights the Third FGD Session of MBSDMP

Participants from MBCO, DPWH, and RBCO participated in discussing the policies, data availability, PAPs, and major issues of the Hydrology and Oceanography component of the MBSDMP Project.

Our Vision: A Sustainable and Resilient Manila Bay

Ultimately, it is envisioned that in the near future Manila Bay is clean, rehabilitated, and preserved, and that its waters is restore and maintain—making them fit for swimming, skin-diving, and other forms of contact recreation.